Women’s Rights

Women’s Rights in Ireland are not as respected as one would assume. Women make up only 22% of the Dail, roughly 1 in 5. This is a very low number, considering the Irish population is 50.08% female.

The Irish constitution discriminates against women, identifying and defining citizenship to the role of a mother “in the home”. Article 41.2 is oppressive in nature and projects a traditional view of Irish women as homemakers and mothers. Instead the majority of married women and mothers work in Ireland today.

There is a 14% pay gap in Ireland, and up to 50% pay gap in bonuses. Gender pay gap is real and continues to be present today.

Women are often turned down for promotion due the idea that women are less reliable because they are more likely to take time off work if their children are sick. Women may also take time off for maternity leave. This is blatant discrimination based solely on gender and stereotypes.

Ireland has a long way to go in terms of women’s rights. It is up to us to change them ! Stand strong together and unite, women together can change everything.

For more information take a look at this fact sheet on Article 41.2 of the Irish Constitution: Fact Sheet

More information: National Women’s Council of Ireland