Anti-Bullying Campaign


Bullying is a terrible thing. Children should not be subjected to harassment while they are in school. School should be a safe place for children to learn and grow as individuals, not be subjected to ridicule and intimidation.

Bullying impacts a child’s social development, it affects their ability to learn and can result in a wide range of mental illnesses (including eating disorders and depression). A child is vulnerable and being subjected to intimidating behaviour can have a profound effect.

Ireland currently is ranked fourth in Europe for teen suicide rates. Although this is not strictly linked to bullying, bullying certainly has a part to play in some of these untimely and unfortunate deaths.


Cyber-bullying is on the rise and results in a child being subjected to bullying in the safety of their own homes. With the current online presence of many children (99% of children aged 12-16 are online) cyber-bullying is growing at an alarming rate. Children are unable to escape the torment of their bullies and are often bullied whilst at school also. The ability of bullies to target their victims online has a profound affect on children. The torment experience at school follows them home.

Another aspect of cyber-bullying is its visibility. Everyone can see the hurtful comments left below photos and posts made by the victim. Being ridiculed in school is one thing, being ridiculed in front of the world is a whole other. Hurtful, and often hateful, comments often multiply as other bullies feel they can chime in. Their comments soon become personal attacks and even people who have never met the victim begin to contribute. The sheer scale of cyber-bullying can be overwhelming for victims, who often develop depression & social anxiety disorders.

Bullying is a serious issue in schools and online and requires swift intervention. Cyber bullying laws should be made and upheld so that children feel safe online.


Workplace bullying involves the intimidation of employees at their work place. This, unfortunately, is also on the rise. Many employees are subject to public ridicule by their colleagues or employer. Their work is made to feel irrelevant, below standard or unsuitable. Professionals take pride in their work yet those victim to workplace bullying are made to feel redundant and inadequate.

Workplace bullying results in an unpleasant and unproductive atmosphere. Employees dread going to work, many develop social anxiety and their productivity levels drop considerably. Many colleagues of victims become uncomfortable around them and the bully resulting in a hostile and awkward environment.

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