Children’s Rights Abuse

I have launched new research into the area of children’s rights in schools. Though not completely formed yet my research is aimed at the treatment of children, specifically those with disabilities, in schools in America, Australia and Ireland. A comparative approach. International law will also be considered.

It was recently brought to my attention by advocates for school children’s rights in Australia (follow them on twitter: @EdmJbg), that the treatment of children with disabilities in schools is appalling. Children with autism are often locked in rooms by themselves, sometimes even cages.

The seriousness of this child abuse is found around the world and I want to research why it is not being tackled at international level, or if it is why it is not effective. Children are particularly vulnerable members of society. Their rights are only advocated for by adults, and for many children’s rights are not a priority. As long as children are seen to be taken care of their rights are irrelevant.

This is a sad reality. Children need to be protected and their voices heard. Parents trust school staff with their children, but is this trust well founded? No school will openly admit to child abuse, as a result incidents of abuse are often unreported or excuses made.

Be vigilant with your children. Listen to them and ensure that they feel safe at school. Their education is at risk, as well as their social skills and well-being.

More will come with my research.


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