Women in Academia

            Half of all PhDs have been awarded to women, 47.9 per cent of PhDs in the EU are awarded to women (She Figures, 6). Despite this, only 20-33 per cent of tenured faculty are women (Houser). In Ireland, 21 per cent of women hold senior academic jobs (Pollak). This falls to 5% in engineering … Continue reading Women in Academia


The UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Education.

Through the role of the special mandate, the Human Rights Council is able to address situations of systemic human rights abuses or non-enforcement of human rights treaties under its special procedures. In the case of the right to education, this is the Special Rapporteur on the Right to Education. The current Special Rapporteur for Education … Continue reading The UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Education.

Inaccessible Education

Discrimination in education is a global phenomenon. It effects children around the world for various reasons. This post considers the inaccessibility of education for children with disabilities and girls around the world. From abuse in schools to societal and cultural traditions that inhibit the ability to access education. For a more general introduction to the … Continue reading Inaccessible Education


Welcome to this week's blog post! Today is a very simple rundown of the current refugee crisis in the world today! You can see a more in depth analysis of the law behind refugees here, or an explanation of the refugee crisis here. Today, we are looking at basic definitions, facts and figures on refugees … Continue reading Refugees

‘France’s Bone Tests’ Constitutional

On 22 March 2019, the French Constitutional Court (Conseil Constitutionnel) held 'bone testing' to be constitutional.  Since 2015, French politicians have called for unaccompanied minors to undergo 'bone testing' to ensure that they are under the age of 18. Under French law any unaccompanied minor has the right to stay in France, and be educated, … Continue reading ‘France’s Bone Tests’ Constitutional

Article 3: Prohibition of Torture (Part 3 of ECHR Series)

Welcome back to the ECHR series! Last time we looked at Article 2: Right to Life. This week we are looking at Article 3, the prohibition of torture. This is probably one of the most well known rights, usually incorporated into many national constitutions and international conventions. Convention Article 3 simply says: "No one shall … Continue reading Article 3: Prohibition of Torture (Part 3 of ECHR Series)